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The first Tarot card illustration I wanted to do for my story was ‘death’. Now most people have the misconception that the death tarot card signifies a bad omen, but the actual meaning is quite the contrary- it means new beginnings, end of cycles and regeneration. It can also sometimes mean sadness and loss but it’s more than just that. Because of that, I wanted to represent the card in a way it showed the meaning more so than the traditional reaper or skeleton knight.
Originally I represented the card by a female that had leaves for hair and her hand in view rotting and becoming boney- this was later changed to what you see above. I took inspiration from ‘mother nature’ images found on google. The lady, or my ‘mother nature’ has a neck of bark and trunks like a tree, leaves on tree branches for hair as well as flowers. If you look closer, you can see leaves coming out of her skin nearer her eyes, and feathers mixed into her hair. I also made her ear more elf-like because elves are usually linked to forestry and nature in ways humans are with technology. Currently, it has given me a lot of hassle to line all the little branches and leaves, but I believe it will be worth it. I also plan to print out the lines and trace them onto other paper to paint traditionally so I can choose the one I like best for my final piece.

I plan to make this card readable both upside down and upright with a reversed-gendered version of the female you see here - this was an idea inspired by my peer suggesting to do a male version of this.

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by Joachim VU

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This is my final piece of work which I have created with actual makeup materials. I am very happy with the outcome of this as i have achieved my objective at a good standard.

I have to say I love this. It’s very real yet surreal at the same time and the explosion of colours makes it memorable. Very nicely rendered and good job on using such a hard medium so effectively!

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Courtesy Script by Sudtipos.

Courtesy captures the elegance and propriety of finely practiced Spencerian penmanship, in particular the Zanerian school. Its lowercase is notably understated, a simple monoline with very wide connections that ease readability. In the capitals, Courtesy adds variety in both the weight of the strokes, and in degrees of flourish — from merely fancy to over-the-top engrossery.

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Incredible paper cut light boxes illuminated with the help of LED light strips from artist couple Hari & Deepti 

Reblogging for Richard! Enjoy!

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In today’s class, I continued my evaluation of artists I intend to use as inspiration for my own illustrations.

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Yuko Rabbit


Freelance illustrator (2012-present)How to use Photoshop tools to enhance your expressive power of artistic illustrations | May 2013 issue of MdN  MdN Corporation (April 6, 2013)

10 minutes | Comic@Bunch, issue Feburary 2013 Shinchosha (December 21, 2012)
Illustration making style 14 | MdN issue January 2013 MdN Corporation (December 6, 2012)
Fantasia Termite Bianca - An International Tribute Pavesio Editore (November 1, 2012)
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Judge’s Special Prize of “My Site Design Awards 2012” Loftwork Inc. (December 2012)
Honorable Mention of “Shinchosha New Comic Awards” Shinchosha (March 2012)


Librarian Certification Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (March 2012 – Present)
Grade 2 of the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency The Society for Testing English Proficiency (STEP),Inc. (February 2010 – Present)
Grade 3 of the Color Coordinator Test The Society of Testing Color Coordinating Proficiency (March 2009 – Present)

This artist is somewhat out of the ordinary standards that I expect to see, but in a good way. The imagination and edge she has to her work, the effort she puts in to make it look like this is evident and well worth it. From what I’ve seen, her art is very detailed, almost always has a natural feel to it, as if it was done with oil paints or watercolour even if it’s a digital piece. I think her style is all about experimentation and busting the boundaries of what people think can limit us as artist. The first 3 pieces above are rendered with precision and accuracy even though she states she’s experimenting with words and pictures, challenging herself and pushing her work further. I really like that aspect, and on the page she includes close ups of the detail she’s put into the works.
The last piece above was rendered from a ‘doodle’ or so she says, layered with textures of paint-like spatters and various manipulations- it’s inciting and interesting to look at even if there’s only a limited range of colours and something as simple as a profile of a lady/character.


As I researched illustrators today, I’ve started to get a feel for what kind of art style I want to incorperate into my own final project. I still have to review and evaluate what I hope to achieve from them and upload a few more examples of what I will be using as inspiration, but I’ve got my foot in the door with the one I posted not too long ago.

Feedback was to concentrate on the concepts I have and try to see them through until the end- keeping the modern concepts of the here and today rather than feeding off the past. I will be making my illustrations into tarot cards and they hopefully will have original, modern and innovative ideas to portray!